Attic Transformation-Scary to Elegant

The Attic

Movies have often denoted attics to be one of those scary environments, where all the unusual activities begin.  Yeah, this is clichéd and boring.  Attics are the hearts of anybody’s house that deserve beautiful decoration and design and to transform them into a Livable space is our duty.  The problem arises when we realize that’s it’s quite a small space and would require an efficient plan to use lesser accessories to glam the place up.  Obviously, by now we understand that we cannot fit in huge pieces of furniture inside the attic.


So what can we exactly do?  What is not too huge, yet really comfortable?  Ottomans and beanbags, of course!!  Mix those with a tiny mattress and pillows on the side and we have a decent and comfy place for ourselves.  Be it romantic dates or best friend sleepovers, this environment sounds perfect.


Mothers can get really tired of stepping on Lego pieces all the times, walking around their living rooms.  Obviously disowning their kid isn’t an option, neither is throwing away their toys.  A feasible option would be to turn the attic into a playroom! No more sore legs, mothers.  The unusual shape of the attic gives an elegant symbol of style when correctly used to store books, in neatly arranged racks, on the far side of the wall.  Plus, if your family is loud and you have high work or career pressure, your attic could be your escape.  Be it exam preparation or a calm cup of coffee, your attic could be your go-to place.  Just put a cushion or a garden chair near the window and your peaceful solitude begins.  Your attic could also become the far away land that you always wished to go to.


starsFluorescent stickers on the roof, a mattress on the floor and your star-gazing begin.  Cleaning up your living room or the kitchen after every party could be a terrible pain.  Your friends will make sure they get drunk and destroy the expensive furniture and equipment around your main hall.  Ha Ha.  Just kidding.  [No, I am not.  Drunk friends are the worst].  Anyway, your attic could be the perfect bar room for you.  With no expensive equipment or any fancy furniture lying about, your attic could be the place where your friends have the best time without giving you a heart attack.  Not only could your attic be your party area, it could also be your gym.  If the ceiling is high enough, you could fit in a lot of a gym equipment and build the body you always dreamed of.  To boost your motivation, you could stick a ton of inspiring posters filled with quotes from famous personalities.


Painting your attic a bright color would bring the liveliness all out in addition to adding white lights during any occasion.  Since a lot of attics do not have windows, introducing natural light is often a challenge.  Skylights are your best option in this case.  Windows which provide fold-out railings are yet another way of improving the look of the place.