Ways To Cool Off If Your AC Breaks Down

Stay Cool When The AC Stops Working

It is the summer season and then your AC breaks down, what could be worse than that? There are a few hacks you can use to keep yourself and the house cool before you can have your AC fixed.

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Perhaps the most important thing to do is to stay hydrated, drink a lot of fluids like water or fruit juice, avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as these will dehydrate you. Dress up in light clothes that are fitting a little loosely. Place a wet towel on your neck or wear dump clothes to keep your body from heating up.

bottle water

Try not to use your oven, you can warm or cook light meals using the microwave, however, if you have to use the oven then make sure you run the fan. This will keep the house relatively cool. Run your dryer and dishwasher at night if you have to, otherwise, you can use paper utensils as you wait for your AC to be fixed. Pour big chunks of ice cubes into a big bowl, this will also help keep the room a bit cool although this is not so effective.


Do not open windows especially if the AC was running before it broke down, just draw the curtains to let in light but let your windows remain closed to keep in the moisture that had accumulated when the AC was running. You can open the windows at night because this is the time the heat that was accumulated during the day will be released. This will help to keep the house cool. Ensure you close the windows very early in the morning before the sun sets and the heat starts getting in. Do not draw the curtains either because heat radiates from your glass windows making the house all hot and uncomfortable. Use thick and dark colored curtains with white reflective materials to keep your rooms cooler.

If you have an attic, then you may want to open the door and set up a fan to air the attic especially at night, this is an effective way of cooling your house. let your windows remain closed during the day and your curtains also.


Turn on all the fans you have in the house, this will help to ventilate and keep the house as cool as possible. Seal all the ventilation and air inlets in all the rooms that are not in use. Stay in the basement or ground floor because this is the last room to heat up. The uppermost floor will be the first one to heat up. Keep the fans by the window at night to help draw in more air. Turn off your fans whenever you are not in the house to save on the energy.


Take a walk to the mall or go for a swimming session if the house becomes too hot to bear. Go to the park and read a book under the shade of a tree. Take a cold shower before going to bed, dress very lightly for bed and also use very light bedding and covers on your bed.

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